A SON'S WAR heads to Greece and Japan

A SON'S WAR has been invited to screen at two huge film festivals in Greece and Japan in the next two months! 

We will be playing at the International Film Festival in Drama, which is the biggest in Greece.  The festival is being held from Sept 20-25th in the city of Drama.  We do not have a specific screening date yet, but I will keep you posted.  For now, you can find out more about the festival at:


We were also invited to the Sapporo Short Fest in Japan.  I had the honor of meeting the director of the festival when we won Best Student Film and Best Cinematography from the California Independent Film Festival and they liked A SON'S WAR so much that they wanted to bring it to Sapporo.    Again, we don't have a screening time yet, but check out more at: